10 Universally Flattering Hair Color Ideas If You’re Planning a Makeover

If you’ve finally reached the point where you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and thinking, “I want a new look,” then we suggest that you give yourself that much-needed makeover with a flattering dye job. Whether you opt to cut your tresses short, give it a bit of texture with some shaggy layers, or simply grow it out, pairing your locks with the right hair color will make a huge difference. The trick is to pick one that flatters you the most!

How to choose the best hair color for me?
The real dilemma here is that the dream hair color you’ve saved on Pinterest might not suit you IRL. Remember: Skin tone, face shape, and haircut are all important factors to consider when picking a new hair color. The technique of which your hair is dyed is also as crucial—should you have it done as an ombre? A balayage? A full-color job? Or just highlights? There’s also the question of commitment in terms of post color care and styling to maintain your preferred hue. 카지노사이트

If you’re lost in the sea of options you’ve seen online, here’s a list of 10 flattering hair color ideas that will suit any Filipina:

  1. Ash Brown
    This is undeniably the most covetable hair color for every Filipina. Ash brown is a cool brown hue that will instantly brighten up your complexion whether you’re morena or mestiza! Also dubbed as milk tea hair or cool beige by some beauty editors and experts, it’s advisable to get this done at the salon because it requires multiple bleaching sessions and toning. It’s also a color that particularly looks great on girls with should to waist length hair.
  2. Balayage Blonde
    We recommend going blonde but to leave your roots untouched! Blonde done as a balayage will make the color grow out naturally instead of having a single blonde streak from your scalp that looks unkempt. This also makes your hair look textured and layered even when it’s one-length. Opt for a cool blonde tone to avoid brassiness, too.
  3. Chestnut Brown
    ICYDK, this color is easily achievable with a DIY boxed dye and without bleach! What’s not to love? It’s a flattering shade that’s perfect for girls who want that au naturel look but are tired of dark brown or black tresses.
  4. Ash Blonde
    If you’re ready for a color lighter than blonde, going ash is the cool hue to cop. A dye job that’s immensely popular among celebrities and style influencers, this shade will turn heads no matter what haircut you sport. 안전한카지노사이트
  5. Wine Red
    If you want to go red, the safest color to try whether you have a fair or deep complexion is a wine or burgundy hue. Going deep crimson looks particularly great on a one length bob or sleek long hair. The color most often than not shines through under the light which makes it subtle but also unique.
  6. Chocolate Brown
    If you love curling your hair or styling it with lush waves, you better try chocolate brown one of these days! Delicious-looking just like its name suggests, this sweet earthy tone will make even your split ends look pretty healthy! We recommend this color to anyone sporting a layered shoulder to waist length hair.
  7. Auburn
    This reddish brown color looks great on girls who want to sport wispy or full bangs. The warm tone will definitely make your complexion pop, whether you’re fair or tan. There’s also a variety of DIY boxed dyes available to achieve this flattering hue at the comfort of your home.
  8. Caramel
    If you’d like to welcome a bit of brassiness, caramel is the color to go for. Since Filipinas have naturally red and yellow undertones in their hair strands, this is a fairly easy shade to achieve despite it being quite light. This color looks particularly pretty on girls with a golden or olive tan. Though if you’re pale, this will definitely soften your features even more.
  9. Blue Black
    Bored of your black virgin hair but aren’t too keen on lightening your tresses just yet? Then blue black is the way to go! This interesting dye job may look like it doesn’t require bleach, but for the blue dye to show up (even subtly) you do need to pre-lighten. We think it’s worth it though if you want a one-of-kind color that isn’t too attention-seeking. 카지노사이트 추천
  10. Pastel Pink
    No kidding! Pastel pink might be a very light color to try, but it actually looks good even when you’ve got beautiful deep complexion. We recommend you try this sweet shade if you want to add a pop of color to your look on the daily. Not to mention, it tends to wash out into a beautiful rose gold hue which is just as pretty!

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