7 Men’s Curly Hairstyles Explained

The more you know about your curly or wavy men’s hair, the better you’ll be able to sculpt it to your liking. As we mentioned before, your barber can only do so much. This isn’t a buzz cut, after all—you want to let those curls shine. And while there’s a full slate of curly or wavy hairstyles to choose from, you can never go wrong with one of the following seven haircuts. Let’s break each one down.

  1. Wavy Slicked Back
    If you’ve watched Bradley Cooper in movies like “Limitless” or “A Star is Born”, then you’ve already seen the slicked-back wavy hairstyle in action. This one is somewhat effortless to pull off, presuming you have long and wavy men’s hair, as well as the right tools. 카지노사이트

By “tools” we mean the following: fingers and pomade (or something similar). See? We told you this would be easy. That said, the wavy slicked back look is harder (though not impossible) to pull off if you possess coiled curly hair or kinky curly hair. In this scenario, finding the right hair product will prove essential.

To achieve the wavy slicked back hairstyle, you should make sure your hair is damp. The next move is to squeeze some pomade into your hand and then stroke your fingers through your hair. Upon landing on your desired style, let the product settle and then go about your day. If something feels amiss, try a different product until you’ve found the right match. Prepare to look sharp!

  1. Beachy Waves or Curls
    Beachy men’s curls are tougher to cultivate but well worth the effort, especially if you want to look like a modern-day rock god. As you can probably guess: healthy and naturally lustrous hair is mandatory.

Use products such as sea salt hairspray to get those waves or curls flowing, and to keep the hair from drying out. The resulting hairstyle brilliantly walks the line between unkempt and purposeful. Pull it off and you’ll be a legend.

  1. The Wavy Quiff
    The wavy quiff for men—also known as the curly quiff—looks exactly as it sounds. It’s highlighted by a voluminous, upward-facing poof at the front of the top hair, which recedes in volume as it goes toward the back, and comes flanked by shorter sides.

If you have naturally thick or wavy men’s hair, there might be some trial and error before you master this popular look. According to some experts, your best bet is to blow-dry the hair while lifting it up and back with a brush, followed by a light application of pomade.

Other experts advise against the blow-dry method because it can dry out or overpower the natural qualities of your wavy hair. Trial and error, indeed.

  1. Curly Side Part
    Some haircuts never go out of style and the curly side part is one of them. Nevertheless, there’s something kind of radical about this particular men’s hairstyle, even if it has nearly a century’s worth of history behind it. For the most contemporary take, keep your hair short on the sides and longer on top. 안전한카지노사이트

We’re pretty sure you know what to do from there, but to be on the safe side we’ll remind you to part the hair on top to one side. Bam. Side part. A quick word of advice: figure out which direction your curly hair naturally grows in and then part it accordingly. This one puts those handsome curly or wavy locks on full display.

  1. Wavy Undercut
    Hotter now than ever before, the wavy undercut surrounds an island of killer locks with a short-length cut on all sides. Cultivate a pompadour or quiff at the crown or go your own way based on the natural qualities of your wavy men’s hair. Pull this off and you’ll be drawing the right kind of looks every time you walk out the door. It’s a wavy haircut for men that no one argues with.
  2. The Wavy Fringe
    For men with relaxed wavy or curly bangs, consider the wavy fringe. It works best when you retain most of your hair length at the top, employing either a high or low fade on your back and sides. The resulting aesthetic falls somewhere between bohemian and casual. Whether or not that describes you is something only you can decide.

As for styling, use mousse on damp hair and scrunch your wavy fringe at the top, giving it volume and a slightly messy appearance. Keep everything in place by way of a light hair spray, adding a texturing product if you want more texture.

  1. Windswept Wavy Bangs
    The name alone sounds romantic and the look follows suit. However, don’t take that to mean windswept wavy bangs can’t emanate with masculine allure. It’s all about bringing out the style, volume, and texture of your wavy men’s hair and medium-long bangs, and then seeing where that takes you. 카지노사이트 추천

Success is critical when striving for this look, so visit your barber to get it just right. If the barber knows what he’s doing, he’ll cut your hair in layers to lower the weight and keep the volume and texture intact. When styling at home, you should scrunch your damp waves as your hair dries, using a texturing product to hold everything in place.

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