Cozy Blonde Is the Ultimate Fall Hair Color Trend

Fall hair color trends are all about warmth—think coppers and reds and rich, warm browns. Yes, this even applies to blondes, with the latest blonde hair color trend proving not to be the exception. Meet cozy blonde hair, fall’s newest approach to staying blonde throughout the cooler months. Here’s how to get cozy blonde hair and all the hair color inspiration to take to the salon!

Cozy Blonde, Explained
Fall hair trends typically focus on smoother color melts, softer transitions, and toned-down, warmer versions of your summer style. The cozy blonde hair color trend is exactly that, a toned-down, muted version of your summer blonde. Think caramelly, copper-infused, bronzey, honey hues with lowlights and deeper roots. The best part about the cozy blonde hair color trend is how low maintenance it is, which is perfect for cooler months when you may not want to leave the house as much. 카지노사이트

How to Get the Hair Color
If you’re looking to try the cozy blonde hair color trend, there are a few ways to go about it, but overall, it will require a color appointment or some semblance of color knowledge at home.

In the Salon
Transitioning your hue in the salon is the easiest and safest way to go cozy blonde. In part, this hair color will require toning down your existing blonde, or adding blonde in if you don’t have it. Either way, there will be a fair amount of blending needed that is best done by a professional.

If you’re already blonde, consider asking your stylist to deepen your root, tone down your blonde, and add in a few lowlights for a richer, deeper dimension. The contrast between the low lights and the rich, warmth of the blonde will create the perfectly cozy, autumnal tone.

If your hair is a darker shade and you’re looking to brighten your mane to achieve this look, then a soft balayage or color melt is for you. The best part? Because this cozy blonde lives on the warm side of the color spectrum, you won’t need to spend hours lifting and toning to cut signs of warmth. Instead, embrace it. Working with the natural honey and copper tones that come through during the lifting process will bring you closer to cozy blonde more quicker.

At Home
Because this look requires the touch of a professional, we wouldn’t recommend balayaging your hair at home (unless you know what you’re doing). But if you have an existing blonde that you are looking to darken and warm up a bit, an at-home toner can help get you there. Brands like Overtone make color depositing, toning conditioners that can temporarily hue your hair at home. Because cozy blonde is a warmer hue, opt for the Golden Brown Color Conditioner, or mix up your own hue using their Brown, Blonde, or Orange Color Conditioners. 안전한카지노사이트

Things to Consider Before Going Cozy Blonde
If you’ve decided that cozy blonde is the color for you, consider your skin tone first. Those with cooler skin undertones, or even peachy undertones in some cases, will look best in cozy blonde. If you have warmer undertones, be wary. Warm hair colors can sometimes wash out a person with warm skin undertones.

Beyond considering your skin tone, it is also important to consider maintenance. While this color trend is lower maintenance in tone, your roots are still going to grow. If you’d prefer not to be back in the salon chair that frequently, ask your stylist for a shadow root, or balayage, that blends with your natural color to extend the time between appointments.

Cozy Blonde Hair Color Inspiration
If you’ve made it this far and decided that cozy blonde hair is for you, here are some of our favorite examples to use for inspiration. To the salon!

Sandy and Cozy
This sandy, cozy blonde keeps the warmth at the roots and beige hues towards the ends—perfect for growing out in-between appointments.

Bright, But Still Cozy
If you love being blonde and aren’t interested in adding any dark tones into your hair, increasing the warmth is your answer. This version of cozy blonde stays very much blonde but embraces a warmer toner melt from the roots to the ends.

Cozy Caramel
lf you are willing to add a little depth, this cozy caramel blonde is the way to go. 카지노사이트 추천

Cozy Melt
This cozy blonde color melt is a great option for those who prefer a little more contrast in their color.

Super Shadow Root
The best part about a shadow root is definitely the maintenance, but it’s also a great way to transform your blonde. Go cozy at the root but keep the brightness on your ends with this version of the fall color trend.

Cozy and Coppery
This melty, delicious cozy blonde balayage reads copper and caramel all at once. This hue would look perfect on someone with cool or peach undertones.

Go Golden
This warm and golden cozy blonde looks like the Autumn sun as it shines over changing leaves. Warm, bright, and super cozy.

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